Product Line

UAC was founded in 1988 with one objective: to provide and distribute quality automotive air conditioning parts at reasonable prices.

In 1995, UAC began developing its own programs in anticipation of the needs of the automotive and truck air conditioning market, successfully transforming itself from a parts supplier to a developer of automotive and truck air conditioning parts. UAC’s rigorous factory auditing process and in-house validation team allow UAC to achieve high quality standards. Our defect rate is much lower than the industry average, and allows us to provide a value-add to our customers. In addition, UAC is constantly developing new products to reduce your missed opportunities in sales (MOP’s). UAC has consistent quality, competitive cost, a large product range, excellent fill rates, and a superior electronic catalog. UAC has been recognized as a preferred A/C supplier in our industry for many years. Our brand is synonymous for quality and reliability.